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MultiLine V2.31 update

You have no action to take to get this new version, which is independent of the MultiLine middleware.



Always customer-oriented , MultiLine is pleased to inform you about the new features.


  • Range increased under 'Manage counterparties' (up to 100 per page)

  • BIC-code now also shown in pdf-report of a direct debit

  • Name update of the country Macedonia (MK) to North-Macedonia

MULTILINE is open to other browsers since version 2.30!!

The EBIS group in charge of developing MultiLine works every day to improve its application, integrating new functionalities and constantly ensuring the security and quality of its services. These improvements range from simple corrections to the implementation of new standards and are entered in different « versions ». The current version of MultiLine is version 2.30.

By connecting to MultiLine now, you can use your financial application in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Please note that the upload and download may act slightly differently depending on the browser used for your access.

To check if your browser version is compatible with the latest version of MultiLine, please consult our technical data sheet on our website www.multiline.lu.

For more information, please contact the MultiLine helpdesk by email helpdesk@multiline.lu or by phone +352.26.588.588 Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Login via the LuxTrust portal available !

In case of connection problem, check your trusted sites.


Individuals calling on behalf of MultiLine or e-banking HelpDesk representatives are currently trying to reach out platform users, with criminal intentions.

The targeted users are requested to provide sensitive information (such as organization details, payment habits, PIN, etc), as well as to perform certain tasks on their computer (software download, visit web pages, etc.)

Please Ignore these requests!

MultiLine HelpDesk representatives never call users in order to inform them about platform maintenance nor about their usage habits.

For more information on Internet security: www.multiline.lu

Cybercrime is everywhere!

MultiLine users may become victims of the increasing number of attempts of fraud, infection via e-mail or by simply visiting infected websites.
For this reason, it is important to keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Remove your LuxTrust card/your signing stick from the card reader/the USB reader whenever you are not using them.
  • Check the amount and the account of the beneficiary before signing a payment.
  • Always keep your virus scanner, browser, operating system and firewall up-to-date.

Never react to e-mails or phone calls asking for your pin code, to install or update software, or to execute tests. The HelpDesk MultiLine or your bank will never ask that.

If you notice anything suspicious, immediately alert the MultiLine helpdesk by e-mail helpdesk@multiline.lu, by phone +352.26.588.588 or your bank.


Important recommendations of CIRCL to react to fraud : http://www.circl.lu/pub/tr-38/


For more information on Internet security: https://www.multiline.lu/index.php?id=71&L=1.

MultiLine, the Luxembourg corporate e-banking solution

MultiLine is an e-banking solution intended for all companies and for institutional clients, whatever the size of their business. The application is simple to use...


MultiLine … where I want … when I want!

A genuine financial management tool with the advantage of being multi-bank, MultiLine moves into top gear by being accessible via the Internet. Whether you are abroad, on a trip ...



MultiLine: advantages for all

  • secure web accessibility 24/24
  • nominative access management and powers of signature
  • integration into accounting software
  • the latest security technology
  • a single helpdesk



Subscribing to MultiLine, nothing could be simpler:


The steps to follow


Phone : (+352) 26 588 588

Monday to Friday:
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday morning:
from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
(except for bank holidays)

E-Mail: helpdesk@multiline.lu