MultiLine offers numerous functionalities to simplify life. A genuine financial management tool with the advantage of being multi-bank, MultiLine moves into top gear by being accessible via the Internet. Whether you are abroad, on a business travel or simply at home, you can access your data on-line in a secure way.

It enables you to carry out the following transactions:

instantaneous viewing of all your bank accounts using a single connection

manual entry of orders for payment or direct debit, beneficiary management, display your account statements. Your sent transactions are displayed over a period of 13 months and your account statement over a period of 3 years.

loading of payment order files and account statements with the possibility of automating the exchanges between your accounting software and MultiLine. Your account statements can be downloaded over a period of 2 years.

individual management of users and their rights

advanced management of signatures (amount limits, combined signatures …)

use of developed functions for searching and consulting data (search engine, spam filter, transaction history…)