MultiLine Service

Multiline Service

Since it was launched in 1992, 8 banks have been working to develop MultiLine in order to respond to the needs of their clients: companies, professionals and institutions.

From the 02/11/2008, the banks will offer a new version of MultiLine which is even more efficient, more user-friendly and more secure.

The new MultiLine service in 5 key points:

  • Observance of current principles
    As a multi-bank service, it enables you, as it did in the past, to carry out your current transactions, consulting your accounts, credit transfers, direct debits, and so on, based on current formats
  • User-friendly and evolving
    MultiLine is a web-based service: its accessibility is widely facilitated. Thanks to Internet technology, you can access the service where you are and when you want. In the future, the evolving platform will permit the integration of new functions.
  • Secure access
    In order to access your accounts in a secure context, you will use a LuxTrust certificate. This certificate also enables you (depending upon your authorizations) to sign transactions electronically (please consult the site
  • A highly protected central platform
    Your data are stored and processed on the central platform at Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A. It has the benefit of a highly secure and protected environment which is accessible 24/7 (except during technical interventions).
  • One centralised technical contact point
    The MultiLine technical helpdesk is delivered by Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A.