Start-up guide

Start-up guide

The following steps must be taken to subscribe to the MultiLine service.


Step 1: apply for a subscription to obtain a LuxTrust certificate

Smartcard, Mobile app or scan: to allow MultiLine to authenticate you and according to your rights, allow you to put your electronic signature to transactions

Step 2: acquire your smartcard reader (in the case of a Smartcard)

If a smartcard is to be used, acquire your smartcard reader from one of the suppliers recommended by LuxTrust and install the reader.

Step 3: install the LuxTrust middleware (in the case of a Smartcard)

Step 4: activate your certificate

After receiving your Smartcard, scan or certificate on mobile app, activate it by carrying out the LuxTrust procedure


Step 1: sign your MultiLine contracts

Sign a MultiLine contract with each bank for which you want to have MultiLine access to the desired accounts.
You have to complete the identification of your company, the information on the accounts concerned and the rights you wish to confer on MultiLine to the different persons that will access to the system.

Step 2: check the rights

Your banks will check whether the MultiLine rights you request for signatory users are compatible with the rights for signatures that are already registered in your account relations.
After positive verification, each bank will activate users with the rights requested.

Step 3 : Install the Multiline middleware (in the case of a Smartcard)

Step 4: use the service

Your users can access to MultiLine and use the functions for which they are authorised.